Monday, 13 February 2012

Happy Unimaginative, Consumer-Orientated, and Entirely Arbitrary, Manipulative and Shallow Interpretation of Romance Day!

My first Valentine`s Day since my divorce, so needless to say not the day I am most looking forward to.  It seems that lately I have been inundated with links and article on what the divorced women should do on Valentine’s Day.  I guess once Facebook knows your divorced (change in status from married àseparated àdivorced àsingle), than the whole internet universe knows.

According to the majority of these enlightened souls, here is a short list of what I should be doing today:

  • ·         Get a massage, manicure, pedicure...  really, sit in that salon while so 20-something perky thing ask you “so what are you doing for Valentine’s Day” and then proceeds to talk about the love of her life and their plans.... great...
  • ·         Go hear some live music...  sitting alone in a bar on V-day.  Hmmm... don’t think so.
  • ·         Buy  yourself some flowers... dead foliage, I think not.

So, I don’t think any of these will be on my agenda.  I have decided to look at V-day as any other holiday that doesn’t apply to me.  I am not a mother, so I don’t expect breakfast in bed on Mothers Day.  I am not American, so no fireworks on the forth of July... you get the point.

Why make the day have more power than it actually has.  It’s just another day and just think, it’s only another week until National Pancake Day!!!!

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